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Billing system

Billing system-designed to automate the processes of service and payments to consumers. These are the systems that process information about services provided to customers, generate and issue invoices. Discounts are also applied here and individual financial conditions for individual clients are taken into account. In addition, billing systems allow you to collect primary information about services rendered, process and store this data, and generate output documents for the client.

Our company has considerable experience in the development and implementation of information systems in the energy sector. One of the examples of a successful project is the development of a Billing information system and its introduction into commercial operation in the shortest possible time within the framework of the «KEGOC» JSC transformation project "Improving the processes of providing system services".

«Energoinform» JSC performs the full range of necessary work related to the analysis of the customer's business processes, preparation of technical tasks, migration of data from legacy systems, integration with external systems, configuration and commissioning of the system, training of personnel, maintenance.