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Global practice clearly demonstrates that in modern realities, digitalization plays an increasingly important role in the development of the economy of all countries of the world.

Kazakhstan also pays a lot of attention to the development of digitalization. Approved state program "Digital Kazakhstan", which aims to accelerate the pace of development of the economy and improving the quality of life of the population through the use of digital technologies in the medium term, and creating conditions for the transition of the domestic economy on a fundamentally new trajectory, ensuring the creation of the digital economy of the future in the long term.

The program, among others, sets the task of digitalization of industry and the electric power industry, within which “KEGOC” JSC implements the project “Implementation of a centralized system of emergency and mode automation for controlling the operation modes of the Unified electric power system (UPS)”. It consists of two components: “Centralized emergency control system (CECS)” and  “Automatic frequency and power control system (AFPC)”.

The implementation of these projects is aimed directly at fulfilling the instructions of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to modernize the energy system of Kazakhstan through the development of modern smart technologies. In particular, the construction of smart networks (Smart Grid), the elements of which will be CECS and AFPC.

The launch of the first component (CECS) will allow setting up emergency management processes in the power system of Kazakhstan in real time without the intervention of personnel, with the transition from local to centralized emergency management. This will raise the reliability of the UPS to a completely different level.

The implementation of the second project (AFPC) automates the regulation of frequencies and capacities in order to reduce to zero deviations of the balance of power flows from the planned values at the border of the UPS of Kazakhstan and the UPS of Russia. This will reduce deviations in the planned balance of generation and consumption and will make it possible to avoid additional loading of the transit network with unplanned power flows.

It is noteworthy that KEGOC does not involve third-party contractors in the implementation of the above-mentioned projects, but relies solely on its own assets. These technologically complex projects are implemented by a subsidiary of “KEGOC” JSC – “Energoinform” JSC.

The staff of “Energoinform” has considerable experience in the field of information and telecommunication technologies: design, implementation and installation, commissioning and operation of modern information management systems and hardware and software complexes at enterprises of the energy industry and specialized IT solutions.

The commissioning of the CECS and AFPC will also significantly increase the competence of “Energoinform” JSC, since no organization has implemented such systems so far. And the company copes with the task with honor. Project implementation has reached the finish line. The “Centralized emergency control system” project is scheduled to be completed in late November 2020, and the “Automatic frequency and power control System" project will be completed in early 2021.

It is worth noting that the implementation of such complex information and telecommunications technologies has become a clear evidence of the high qualification of the staff of “Energoinform” JSC and has aroused the trust of major industry customers. In particular, Energoinform JSC signed an agreement on the implementation of the AFPC system with energy-producing organizations in Kazakhstan, including JSC “Moynak HPP named after U. D. kantayev” and LLP “Ekibastuzskaya GRES-1 named after Bulat Nurzhanov”.

Kuanysh Bektemirov, Chairman of the Board of "Energoinform"JSC,

Ainash Kenzhibayeva, Leading specialist of Sales Department and Contract management of "Energoinform" JSC.

More detailed: https://kursiv.kz/news/otraslevye-temy/2020-11/umnye-tekhnologii-dlya-modernizacii-energeticheskoy-sistemy-rk