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Avtomatization of control systems of technologigal process

One of the main tasks of a manufacturing enterprise is the safe operation of equipment and its maintenance personnel, improving production efficiency and quality of products, as well as providing a new quality of manageability, especially if the technological processes are complex and the slightest failure can lead to significant economic losses or create a dangerous situation. The tool for solving these problems is an automated control system of technological processes - ACSTP.


(dispatch management and data collection) Currently, SCADA class systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, Dispatching control and data collection) are a very effective technology for automated control of dynamic systems in many industries. Modern SCADA systems have similar capabilities and operating principles that allow us to solve typical tasks, such as dispatching monitoring and collecting data on the flow of the technological process, management in the presence of clear algorithms and a complete formalized model of the control object.

We solve the entire range of tasks related to SCADA-level systems:

Development of turnkey SCADA systems

Real-time data display and mathematical processing

Archiving large amounts of data in SQL databases with redundancy

Maintaining measurement statistics, event logs, and emergency logs

Displaying information on the operator panel

Creating reports

Data protection and user rights differentiation

Integration of distributed data collection systems into a single control room

Diagnostics and monitoring of the state of technical means of the automation system

System integration

Combining individual automated processes and management tools together for the most effective management of the technological process, production, and organization as a whole.

As more and more technological objects are automated, many enterprises are faced with a situation where there are many unrelated local ACSTP with different interfaces and archive formats.

It becomes an urgent task to build a single information space of the enterprise and unified access to technological data from any local ACSTP for transmitting data to the AEMS (Automated enterprise management system), calculating TEP (technological and economical parameters ), providing information to management, planning and technical services.

JSC “Energoinform” having many years of experience in system integration of ACSTP is ready to provide its developments based on modern technologies.

Implementation of projects

The company provides highly qualified services in the design, development and implementation of ACSTP of any complexity – from replacement, configuration and connection of equipment to the implementation of “TURN-KEY” projects. Services: installation, commissioning, maintenance and service. Our company is distinguished by a flexible approach to the formation of technical solutions, as well as the consideration and implementation of all client's wishes during the project implementation. The development and implementation of ACSTP projects means services at any stage of work:

Development of technical specifications;

Development of technical support (project);

Software development (at the client's request, as well as information support, mathematical support and organizational support);

Installation supervision;

Adjustment works;

Training of the Customer's personnel;

Warranty and post-warranty services.

System modernization

The use of innovative technologies for the development of potential and functionality, or the modernization of outdated automated process control systems for unification and integration with other related systems, the Use of outdated technologies inevitably leads to a decrease in production efficiency and to the loss of a significant part of profits.

In order to keep up with competitors, it may be necessary to upgrade the management system that controls technological processes.

The reason for performing this work is also a change in the specifics of the company's activities or expansion of production capacity.

The main goals achieved through modernization include:

Increasing the efficiency of energy consumption

Expanding the control and information capabilities of the system.

Optimization of technological processes.

Saving energy and fuel resources.

Testing and prevention of emergency situations.

Improving the productivity of service personnel.

When upgrading the existing control system, specialists take into account the requirements for reliability, performance and other technological indicators. After a comprehensive upgrade, you get full control over production. The entire cycle of work is performed "turn-key".

Service support

Current maintenance, scheduled maintenance and repairs.

Service support from “Energoinform” JSC is a set of organizational and technical measures aimed at ensuring stable operation of the ACSTP. Our task is to ensure safe, uninterrupted and reliable operation of the automation system at your enterprise. We offer technical and service support for your ACSTP, which includes: regular inspections, visits by our engineers and maintenance, purchase of equipment and components, testing and repair of your equipment.